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Bon Jovi bonus CD

Runaway - Live at Le Zenith 11/20/1988
Roulette - DDO Friday Rock Show (BBC)
Shot Through The Heart - Japan Tour 1985
Burning For Love - Japan Tour 1985
Get Ready - Japan Tour 1985
Breakout - Super Rock '84
Runaway- Super Rock '84



7800' Farenheit bonus CD

Tokyo Road - Japan Tour 1985
In And Out Of Love - Japan Tour 1985
The Hardest Part Is The Night - Japan Tour 1985
Silent Night - Japan Tour 1985
Only Lonely - Japan Tour 1985
Tokyo Road - Live At Rio De Janeiro 1990

Slippery When Wet Bonus Cd

Wanted Dead Or ALive - Wembley 1995
Livin' On A Prayer - U.S.A. 1987
You Give Love A Bad Name - U.S.A. 1987
WIld In The Streets - Wembley 1995
Borderline - Studio Outtake
Edge Of Broken Heart - Studio Outtake
Never Say Goodbye - Live Acoustic Version


New Jersey bonus CD

Bad Medicine - Wembley 1988
Bad Medicine - New Jersey, Keep The Faith Tour
Blood On Blood - Wembley 1988
Born To Be My Baby - Acoustic Version
I'll Be There For You - Lakeland 1989
Lay Your Hands On Me - Giants Stadium 1989
Love Is The War - Studio Outtake


Keep The Faith bonus CD

Keep The Faith - Count Basie Theater 1992
In These Arms - Count Basie Theater 1992
I Believe - Count Basie Theater 1992
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Milton Keynes 1993
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Wembley 1995
Bed Of Roses - Acoustic Version
Cama De Rosas - "Bed Of Roses" Versión Española
Save A Prayer - Bonus track for Japan and Europe
Starting All Over Again - Bonus track for Japan (Esta canción aparecía en la versión casette Europea)


These Days bonus CD

This Ain't a Love Song (live Wembley 95)
These Days (live Johannesburg 95)
Hey God(live Johannesburg 95)
Something for the Pain (live Miami 95)
Its Hard letting you Go (live Johannesburg 95)
Rockin in the Free World (live Johannesburg 95)
634-5789(studio-b side)
All I Want is Everything
Bitter Wine


Crossroads bonus CD

Always(Live St Denis Theater 94)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (live Fox Theater 94)
With A Little Help From My Friends(live St. Denis Theater94)
Blaze of Glory-(live Count Basie Theater 92)
Stranger in This Town-(Live Count Basie Theater 92)
Good Guys Don't Always Wear White (studio)


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