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 Disco / Record Grupo / Band
     A  Jethro Tull
     A  Sweet
     A Best Of Sniff 'n' The Tears(  Sniff 'n' The Tears
     A Bit Of What You Fancy  Quire Boys
     A Bit Of What You Fancy (video)  Quire Boys
     A Bizarre Gardening Accident  Headhunter
     A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria  Bal-sagoth
     A Blaze In The Northern Sky  Darkthrone
     A Boy In A Man's World  Mucky Pup
     A Boy Named Goo  Goo Goo Dolls
     A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol  Skyclad
     A Cara O Cruz  Angeles Del Infierno
     A Caress Of War And Wisdom  Zephyrous
     A Change Of Seasons  Dream Theater
     A Cold Sea Of Horror (maqueta)  Crucifixion
     A Conflict Of Hatred  Warfare
     A Crazy Night With Kiss (live)  Kiss
     A Crescendo Of Reflections  Warfare
     A crimson cosmos  Lake Of Tears
     A Cry For The New World  Praying Mantis
     A Cry In The Night  Virgin Steele
     A Crystal Vision  Sacred Oath
     A Cuadrilla De Pepa A Loba  Heredeiros Da Crus
     A Curse Called Life/demo  Accursed
     A Dance On The Grave Ep  Darkified
     A Dangerous Meeting (recopilat  King Diamond
     A Darker Shade Of Evil/7"  Fleurety
     A Dead Poem  Rotting Christ
     A Death Gate Cycle  Heidenreich
     A Decade Of Decibels  Warfare
     A Decade Of Deliverance  Deliverance (us)
     A Deeper Kind Of Slumber  Tiamat
     A Delicate Tracery Of Red/demo  Avernus
     A Diamond Is Hard Rock  Legs Diamond
     A Dirge For The Most Lovely Dead/demo/mcd  Eyes Of Ligeia
     A Disgregard Of Time Keeping  Bonham
     A Distant Thunder  Helstar
     A Dream Vision Vanished/demo  Haimad
     A Ere Do Abutre/mcd  Filli Nigrantium Infernalium
     A fallen temple  Septic Flesh
     A Far Out Disk  Toy Dolls
     A Farewell To Eden/demo  Avernus
     A Farewell To Kings  Rush
     A Fast Mean Game  Broken Glass
     A Fistful Of Alice  Alice Cooper
     A Frontline Compilation (recop  Kortatu
     A Frozen Realm/demo  Thy Grief
     A Golpe De Latigo  Ñu
     A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles  Dogs D'amour, The
     A Grim Red Kiss Of Transylvania/demo  Nox Intempestra
     A Hail To The Faceless Angels/demo  Setherial
     A Handful Of Nothing  Ebony Tears
     A Higher Art Of Rebellion  Agathodaimon
     A Higher Form Of Killing  Intruder
     A hurge fan of life  Vagabound
     A Hymn To The Ancient Souls/demo  Hirilorn
     A Journey In Darkness  Ophthalamia
     A Journey's End  Primordial
     A Kada Zerdo Le Llega Su San M  Beer Mosh
     A Kiss In The Charnel Fields  Korova
     A Las Puertas Del Deseo  Tako
     A Life Of Crime  Zoetrope
     A Little Ain't Enough  Roth, David Lee
     A Little South Of Sanity (live)  Aerosmith
     A Lot Of Bottle  Climax Blues Band
     A Lot Of People & Carles Espon  Espona, Carles & A L
     A Mala Hostia  Andanada 7
     A Matter Of Attitude  Fate
     A mended rhyme  Tad Morose
     A Midsummer Night's Dream  Emperor
     A Million Vacations  Max Webster
     A More Perfect Union  Icon
     A New Aeon In Black/demo  Midgard
     A New Dimension/demo  Darkthrone
     A new religion  Athena
     A Night Created By Shadows/demo  Svartsyn
     A Night In The Dark  Celtic Frost
     A Night Of A Triumph (live)  Triumph
     A Night Of Unholy Black Metal  Darkthrone
     A painting of annoyance  Fertilizer
     A Pasarlo Bien (maqueta)  Keops
     A Passion Play  Jethro Tull
     A Pelo  Platero Y Tu
     A Place To Call Home  Tempest, Joey
     A Pleasant Shade Of Gray  Fates Warning
     A Por Ellos...que Son Muchos Y  H.h.h.
     A Practical Guide To Astral Pr  Nymphs
     A Question / Mini  Sacred Reich
     A Real Dead One (live)  Iron Maiden
     A Real Live One (live)  Iron Maiden
     A Recipe For Power  Exxplorer
     A Requiem For The Light  Grimoire
     A Requiem To The Death Of Passion  Sarcophagus
     A Retrospective (recopilatori)  Moore, Gary
     A Return To The Isle Of Men  In The Woods
     A rose by any other name (mini)  Bitch
     A Sacrifice To Darkness  Alastor
     A Sacrifice To Darkness  Decayed
     A Sense Of Change  Sieges Even
     A Shedding Of Skin  Prophet