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TALISMAN - Double Live DVD And CD To Be Released In March

Frontiers Records has set a March 21 release date for the "World's Best Kept Secret" double live DVD and CD package from TALISMAN, the Swedish/American band led by bassist Marcel Jacob (ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, EUROPE) and vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN).

"The idea of this DVD got started by a simple request from Luk De Roover, the Lokerse Feesten promoter", stated Jacob, "to come do a concert at the festival, where the added incentive was we would receive a beta of the show. Along the way to Lokeren things got added to the big plan — other shows, old videos, bits and pieces from the past and present — making it a sort of documentary in brief of the 15 years or so the band has existed."

Two complete shows recorded in the 2003 tour in support of the last studio album "Cats and Dogs" and a complete retrospective featuring behind the scenes footage, all the band's videos and more live recording from different times make "World's Best Kept Secret" double DVD a valuable addition to the fans collections and a first class audiovisual entertainment.

The contents of the double DVD will be as follows:


Mondo - Recorded live at Club Mondo Stockholm, Sweden - August 2003

01. Break Your Chains 02. Color My XTC 03. Fabricated War 04. Mysterious 05. Skin On Skin 06. Tears In The Sky 07. Break It Down Again 08. In Make Believe 09. Scream Of Anger 10. If You Would Only Be My Friend 11. I'll Be Waiting 12. Outta My Way 13. Standing On Fire

Recorded live at Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg, Sweden - June 2003

01. Break Your Chains 02. Color My XTC 03. Fabricated War 04. Tears In The Sky 05. Crazy 06. Break It Down Again 07. Mysterious 08. Standing On Fire 09. In Make Believe 10. I'll Be Waiting

Bonus Features

Multi-angle Concert Videos:

01. Mysterious 02. If You Would Only Be My Friend 03. Outta My Way

Lyric subtitles for Club Mondo concert


Retrospect - The Movie - including:

01. I'll Be Waiting (Video) 02. Just Between Us (Video) 03. Mysterious (Video) 04. Time After Time (Live In Japan, 1993) 05. Comin' Home (Live In Japan, 1993) 06. All Or Nothing (Live In Japan, 1993) 07. Color My XTC (Video) 08. Here 2day, Gone 2day (Live At Sweden Rock Festival, 2001) 09. Body (Live At Sweden Rock Festival, 2001) 10. Fabricated War (Live At Lokerse Feesten, 2003) 11. Tears In The Sky (Live At Lokerse Feesten, 2003) 12. Crazy (Live At Lokerse Feesten, 2003) 13. Skin On Skin (Video) 14. Outta My Way (Live At Lokerse Feesten, 2003) 15. In Make Believe (Video)

Bonus Features:

Discography Shred Video Naked Bass Player DVD credits (featuring "Eating My BLT 2004")

The double DVD will be released worldwide in NTSC Region Free format on Frontiers Records while the release in Japan will be handled via Demolition Records.

In addition to the DVD, TALISMAN will issue a double live CD recording, "Five Men Live", including the two full live performances held at the Sweden Rock Festival and at the Club Mondo gigs in the summer 2003. The track listing of the double CD is as follows:


01. Break Your Chains 02. Color My XTC 03. Fabricated War 04. Mysterious 05. Skin On Skin 06. Tears In The Sky 07. Crazy 08. In Make Believe 09. Scream of Anger 10. If Only You Would Be My Friend 11. Break It Down Again 12. I'll Be Waiting 13. NJBBWD 14. Outta My Way 15. Fredrik Akesson 16. Standing On Fire 17. I Don't Know


Liner notes of the CD have been written by Birgitt Schwanke, editor-in-chief of the German magazine Rock It!

Source: Blabbermouth

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