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LINKIN PARK - Rapper Losing Money On Solo Project's Tour

Launch Radio Networks reports: It's a good thing LINKIN PARK has made a lot of money, because band MC Mike Shinoda isn't scrimping with his solo project, FORT MINOR. His live entourage includes two more rappers, a drummer, a DJ, three string players, and four additional singers. Shinoda told Launch that he's not expecting to make a profit on this tour. "I'll really break it down for you, be totally honest," he said. "No matter how well this tour does, if it sells out plus some in every single venue, I'm gonna lose money. You know, most artists would say, 'Okay, forget it. We need to downscale or change something about it so we're not losing money.' But I don't care because I want to bring a great show to people, basically a great value to the kids who come to the show, the people who come to the show."

Shinoda is touring to promote FORT MINOR's first album, "The Rising Tied", which was released in November.

FORT MINOR plays tomorrow (Friday, February 3) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Shinoda continues to work on LINKIN PARK's new album while he's on the road. The group hopes to release it later this year.

Source: Blabbermouth

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