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KORN - JONATHAN DAVIS: Who Cares If I Call KORN A 'Brand'?

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has responded to criticism of the group's references to the "KORN brand" in recent interviews in relation to their new record contract, as well as a recently announced deal with a tour promoter, which allow both companies to participate in much more of KORN's income than just record and ticket sales.

In a recent interview with Launch Radio Networks, Davis explained why KORN changed the way they handled their business: "We felt it was time for us to step up and try and do something different. We've always been a band about being different, so we decided to try and do these different kind of deals to become partners with these people. The whole reason we did the whole deal is about, we're thinking about the long term and trying to build the KORN brand, and bring these people on board to help us do that."

After a number of KORN fans expressed their concern on the band's official message board that KORN were "selling out" by placing more of a focus on their business dealings and less on their art, Davis came on the board and offered the following response:

"All I have to say is we did this deal all for the money — yes, the money. The money we have saved all of you from these old companies that rip you all off. Look at iTunes — gave you four songs and a video for $1.99. Hmmm, name one signed band that can set their own price on the web. We can. We don't charge $80 for a concert ticket when we could if we wanted, and our upcoming summer tour will freak you out how low the ticket prices will be. We did these deals because everyone wins — us, the companies we work with, and all of our fans. So if I call KORN a brand, who the fuck cares? This brand is working very hard to write great music and bring you amazing shows that don't cost you all a shitload of money.

"I can't believe the bullshit I read on this thread. We have never thought of you guys as people we should take advantage of, so I'm done venting."

Source: Blabbermouth

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