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LINKIN PARK - Lose Trademark Case

Launch Radio Networks is reporting that LINKIN PARK attempted to trademark its name for use on posters, but a British judge ruled against the band on Tuesday (March 1), clearing the way for stores to sell unofficial posters of LINKIN PARK and other music and entertainment figures. According to Reuters, British judge Richard Arnold ruled that the band cannot sue suppliers of unauthorized posters. Arnold said: "Third parties are, of course, entitled to take and exploit pictures of celebrities — the copyright in a picture of LINKIN PARK belongs to the creator of it and not necessarily to the group itself."

The logic behind his decision is that in the mind of a shopper, the name that appears on a poster indicates that the goods are related to the person or group rather than suggesting the poster and photograph was actually supplied by them. This decision means that anyone who has taken a photo of the band and decides to print and sell a poster from that photo can slap the band's name on the poster.

LINKIN PARK are currently at home in the Los Angeles area, working on their follow-up to 2003's "Meteora".

On the tour to support "Meteora", LINKIN PARK played 157 shows in a 200-month period.

Source: Blabbermouth

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