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KORN - Honored With Access Road In Bakersfield: Photos, Video Available

A small stretch of road near Bakersfield, California's Rabobank Arena was renamed "Korn Row" (photo#1, photo#2) to honor hometown Grammy-winning rock group KORN. [] [] []

The newly dubbed route is actually the modest driveway and loading dock area that runs between the back of the arena and the Burlington Northern railroad tracks, according to The Bakersfield Californian.

Arena officials, it seems, can't rename city streets without going through city bureaucracy, so they had to settle for an access road.

Arena manager Jim Foss said he and his team would be the first to support any effort to name a real city street after KORN, whose members are still very dedicated to their hometown.

"They certainly deserve it," he said.

The Korn Row idea was hatched in Foss' office and the sign went up Tuesday (Feb. 21) — just in time for Friday's (Feb. 24) KORN concert at Rabobank, the kickoff of the group's "See You on the Other Side" world tour.

Before the show, the band were honored with a bronze plaque (photo) to commemorate a lifetime of achievement. []

The ceremony was held in front of Rabobank Arena in downtown Bakersfield.

KORN's setlist from the Bakersfield, California show:

01. It's On 02. Clown 03. Divine 04. Love Song 05. Falling Away From Me 06. Souvenir of Sadness 07. Here To Stay *Munky's guitar solo* 08. Dirty 09. Liar 10. Counting On Me 11. Somebody, Someone 12. Throw Me Away 13. Shoots and Ladders 14. Need To 15. Lies 16. Make Me Bad 17. Thoughtless 18. A.D.I.D.A.S. 19. Twist (only the chorus was played) 20. Coming Undone 21. Did My Time 22. Got the Life 23. Tearjerker *Encore* 24. Twisted Transistor 25. Hypocrites 26. Freak On a Leash 27. Blind

The show lasted over two hours, making this KORN's longest set list to date.

KORN were accompanied by former OTEP guitarist Rob Patterson as well as a keyboardist and percussionist, all of whom were wearing a horse, sheep, and rabbit mask, as seen on the cover of the "See You on the Other Side" CD.

(Thanks: Korn Unleashed) []

Source: Blabbermouth

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