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KORN - Sacramento Concert 'Attracted More Drug Users Than Kaiser Pharmacy'

Lauren King of The State Hornet is reporting that Tuesday night's (Feb. 28) KORN concert at Sacramento's own Arco Arena "attracted more drug users than a Kaiser pharmacy." King's estimate was that 5,000 of the 10,000 people attending the concert — which also featured sets from MUDVAYNE and 10 YEARS — "were on some kind of illegal substance. From alcohol to marijuana to cocaine — it was in plain view for everyone to see," she writes. "From the parking lot to the seats, there were people snorting, drinking and smoking. The 55-year-old woman to my left hand-rolled and smoked three joints throughout the duration of the concert. The kids in front of me were basically having intercourse in their seats. A girl nearby had what looked like 'dandruff' on her nose and dilated pupils. For the people who are used to the heavy metal concert scene, it is probably completely normal. To those of us first-timers, it seemed to detract from the music. I guess it's hard to concentrate on anything while inadvertently getting a contact high from the pot smoking elderly." []

Read King's entire "review" at this location. []

Source: Blabbermouth

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