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LINKIN PARK - Frontman In Custody Dispute With Estranged Wife

LINKIN PARK frontman Chester Bennington and his wife Samantha are splitting up, according to Celebrity Justice. []

In court papers obtained by Celebrity Justice, Samantha cites the usual "irreconcilable differences" between the once powerfully close couple. The papers also reveal that there are issues over the custody of their three-year-old son, Draven.

Chester accuses his estranged wife of trying to punish him by thwarting his visitation rights, stating, "I have every ability to care and nurture him."

Sources tell Celebrity Justice that custody has not yet been resolved, but in the meantime, the couple has agreed not to make any defamatory remarks about each other in front of their child.

And then there's this rare agreement regarding any future bed partners: the documents state that neither party shall have Draven sleep in his or her bed while another adult is in bed with them. The non-party adult shall sleep outside of the room where the child is sleeping.

The couple married in 1996, when Bennington was 20. He once said marrying Samantha was the most poignant moment of his life, and credited her with pulling him out of an abyss of emotional torture he suffered as a victim of child sexual abuse, and later cocaine addiction.

(Thanks: Graham Driscoll / Digital Noise Network) []

Source: Blabbermouth

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