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Capital News 9 has issued the following report: []

Glens Falls resident Jeanette Hansen doesn't listen to heavy metal music but she has no problem with the 2nd annual Aggressive Music Festival being held in the city.

Jeanette Hansen of Glens Falls said, "It's in a nice area, the Glens Falls Civic Center. It holds the right amount of people. I didn't attend it but I saw no problems in the area while it was being held."

Suzanne Tearno of Lake George said, "I think music is for every community. There are jazz festivals and not everyone likes jazz. Everybody's taste is different."

Organizers said more than 2,000 fans from all over the Northeast are expected to fill the Glens Falls Civic Center. The one-day show will feature some of the biggest names in heavy metal music, including MUDVAYNE and HATEBREED.

Suzanna Bernd of the Glens Falls Civic Center said, "I think last year was our toughest year because it was our first time and no one really knew if it would work. We were taking a big risk. People know to look for it. People know it was great last year. There is definitely a niche to fill."

Civic center officials said there haven't been any protests concerning the music festival coming back to the North Country. Last year, some residents felt heavy metal music does not have a place in Glens Falls.

"We feel the need to serve our entire public. The public includes people who wear black people who wear white. People with body piercings and people who don't. Our public is our whole public and we have an obligatino to serve them all," said Bernd.

Source: Blabbermouth

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