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KORN - Frontman: It's Time For Ex Guitarist BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH To Move On

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has slammed ex-KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch over Welch's assertion that his former bandmates have used outside songwriters to compose material "just to have a phat house and a bunch of cars."

In a journal entry originally submitted on June 26 but recently edited by Welch, he wrote, "It was either I stay in KORN and hire songwriters to make up songs for us just to get rich and save my career, or write my own songs that are straight from my heart.

"I wasn't trying to be an AEROSMITH and play hit songs that other people wrote just to have a phat house and a bunch of cars. I thought KORN was about NOT selling out.

"I've done some interviews lately and I thought it was okay to speak the truth in love about the lies that were being sold to the KORN fans, who, in my opinion, are the most loyal fans that exist in music. But my ex-bandmembers aren't too pleased with me now so I'm gonna have to say 'No comment' on any KORN questions for a while. They know I love them so I'll just leave it at that 'till they come around."

Writing to his web site, KORN singer Jonathan Davis addressed Head's remarks by stating, "I have no idea what Head is talking about. We have ALWAYS wrote our own music I think it's pretty funny KORN has done nothing but wish Head the best with his 'new life' but in turn, all he does is stir up all this drama. KORN has moved on and I think it's time for Brian to do the same."

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Source: Blabbermouth

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