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OZZFEST - Has Turned Into A Swedish Invasion

This year's Ozzfest lineup includes an unprecedented four Swedish acts: IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, ARCH ENEMY and SOILWORK. Previously, only three Scandinavian bands had graced the Ozzfest stage in America over the past decade: Norway's DIMMU BORGIR in 2004 and Swedish metallers MESHUGGAH in 2002 and DRAIN STH in 1997.

Brian Aberback of recently spoke with members of three of the four bands: [] What was your reaction when you learned your band would be on Ozzfest, and what do you hope to accomplish on the tour?

IN FLAMES bassist Peter Iwers: "I was psyched. It's something we've wanted to do for many, many years. We've been asked previous times to do it, but we couldn't because we had prior engagements. We want to do a good performance and hopefully people will enjoy it."

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving: "It's a really good thing for the band and I'm really pleased. We come from pretty much a death-metal background, and that draws certain types of people. Ozzfest is not very underground. We'll be getting to play for a completely different audience."

ARCH ENEMY bassist Sharlee D'Angelo: "Jubilation all around. "It's a great opportunity for any band to spread the gospel. This is by far the biggest metal event in America. A lot of young kids just getting into metal, if they save up for anything, it's for Ozzfest, and you get to reach all those people." How does your latest or upcoming new album differ from the band's previous disc?

IN FLAMES bassist Peter Iwers: "We always have melodies and harmonies, but on the last two records we had them more on the vocals than on the guitars. This time I would say that they're everywhere. The vocals are a little more aggressive, but still clean. It's a little more up-tempo."

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving: "As a songwriter I participate more . This is going to sound kind of weird, considering our music, but the dynamic of the band with me in it has more of a pop kind of attitude to it. It's not trying to be complex. It's music you can get into without it drowning you. Also, 'One Kill Wonder' was a very rushed album. The other guys told me they didn't have the focus they wanted. With 'rEVOLVEr', we've really taken our time."

ARCH ENEMY bassist Sharlee D'Angelo: "We had made a point of doing things more straight to the point , simpler songs with simpler arrangements. This time, instead of pushing in one direction, we tried to push in all directions at the same time. To make the fast stuff faster, the heavy stuff more heavy, all the soft stuff as soft as possible. It's more melodic than ever, and there's more guitar solos than we've ever had on any album." What are some aspects you prefer about touring in America vs. Europe? Also, what are some highlights of touring in Europe?

IN FLAMES bassist Peter Iwers: "The best thing about touring in America is that everybody speaks English. In some countries in Europe, people don't speak English at all, which can make it kind of hard. But I prefer them both. If I've been on tour for a long time in Europe I really long for the U.S. And if I've been touring the U.S. for a few months, I like going back to Europe."

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving: "Touring in the U.S. is very comfortable because you always have access to showers and all-right food. Europe is not like that. Buses, trains and road stops are not exactly the same standard. It's just a lot more practical in the U.S."

ARCH ENEMY bassist Sharlee D'Angelo: "American buses are bigger, more spacious. Because of traffic regulations in Europe they can't be as wide. The European buses have low ceilings, and I'm 6-foot-6. Also, we like Wal-Mart. It's heaven when you're on tour. You can get everything you need for cheap. The good thing about touring Europe is you get into a different country every day. You play Spain then Portugal then Italy."

Source: Blabbermouth

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