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HALLOWS EVE - Former Singer Uploads Live Video, Offers Update On New Project

Former HALLOWS EVE singer Steve Cannon (editor-in-chief of the world's oldest and longest running Internet-based music magazine Vibrations of Doom) has issued the following statement regarding his former band:

"I have, as many of you know, become very disappointed at the sound and style HALLOWS EVE has been forging on with. This is not to slight the band members in any way, but after reading reviews of Keep It True and other HALLOWS EVE events, many readers have been emailing me and asking me constantly to hear how I pulled off the one show we did opening for EXODUS. And so, to my loyal and faithful readers, we have uploaded the song 'Suicide' in it's entirety to the website, which you can check out at this location. []

"Remember, this is no sort of attack on my former bandmates or trying to prove who was the better singer or not. I made a few mistakes on some HALLOWS EVE songs, the results weren't perfect but I am very proud of my accomplishments and the rest of my readers deserve to hear my efforts. This is for my friends in metal worldwide."

In other news, Cannon has provided the following update on his post-HALLOWS EVE project, BROKEN TRINITY:

"This project was originally scheduled to get off the ground by this year's end. Sean Morrisey (GROUND:XERO) was supposed to help me with the music-writing process but unfortunately (for me) he has many great things going on in his life and GROUND:XERO is his priority band which I accept and understand. Besides, I want him to finish the next GROUND:ZERO full-length so I can review it in my publication! Right now I am looking for musicians in the Atlanta area who have a wide range of musical tastes and styles, most particular in the black, doom and '80s-era thrash genres. At this time it is widely speculated and hoped that Dwayne Monk will be back on board as lead guitarist to help perfect a style that is going to be quite varied, a style that I know he is well familiar with. Dwayne was the other HALLOWS EVE member that was replaced soon after my departure... And he is an excellent guitarist, one that will fit the BROKEN TRINITY mold quite nicely.

"The only thing I can reveal about BROKEN TRINITY right now are the songs that have lyrics written. Not knowing much about music-writing, though, they may have to be rewritten and reworked slightly to fit somewhat altered standards of music. The songs completed lyric wise so far include 'Cloaked in Black Shadow', 'Sutekh the Destroyer', 'Crushing Weight Of The World' (a rather epic doomy tune in the veil of greats CANDLEMASS), 'Trapped Between Life and Death' and 'Conquerors of the Astral Plane', a title that was greatly inspired by the travels of the former love of my life, April Smith. Her particular insight into many matters of astral travel, and other non-Christian subject matter, has fueled the lyrical matter for quite a few songs that will be forthcoming. Plans are now to cut a simple four- or five-song demo, and there is no way for me to know which songs will end up there, with the eventuality of shopping for a label deal.

"I am sorry that this project was not able to be completed before the year's end. However, any Atlanta area musicians interested in helping me bring a project that I KNOW will achieve success and fame to light, please email me at the Vibrations of Doom magazine homepage address. []

"I want to say thanks to all the Atlanta area metalheads and many of my readers overseas who constantly reassured me they had faith in my visions, even when I didn't have the faith myself. You have proven to me that anything worth doing and having is worth fighting and suffering for. To you I am forever greatful. Finally, thanks to Tommy Stewart from HALLOWS EVE who believed in my abilities long before I did..."

Source: Blabbermouth

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