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KORN - Mayhem In A Small Town

What to do when you're stranded in Walsenburg, Colorado (population 4,200)? Well, if you’re KORN, you proceed as normal with your scheduled fan "meet-and-greet" with contest winners from KILO 94.3 in Colorado Springs. Amidst a multi-city cross-country radio promo tour, the KORN caravan was stopped in Walsenburg due to severe weather conditions of 70-80 mph winds which caused highway closures for trucks and oversized vehicles. En route from Phoenix to Colorado Springs, the band pulled into a Mexican-American diner to wait out the windstorm and immediately started phoning in live remote news, weather and traffic updates to KILO. In the meantime, KILO Program Director Ross Ford was making arrangements for the in-studio winners to be shuttled via limousine for a two-hour trip to Walsenburg for the "meet-and-greet.”

Much to the surprise of the members of KORN, other astute listeners were also headed their way and soon KORN found themselves signing autographs for everyone who came out to see them. Says KILO's PD Ross Ford, "The band was hanging out at a small middle-of-nowhere restaurant where a hundred or so locals were gathering to see 'this rock band from California.' The guys played to the crowd, spent several hours signing autographs, taking pictures, eating enchiladas, and enjoying the offerings of small-town Colorado. It went from possible disaster to one of the most memorable events in KILO's 27-year history and it is guaranteed to go down as the coolest thing to ever happen in Walsenburg, Colorado. It's proof that even mother nature isn't powerful enough to stop KORN!" The band's vocalist Jonathan Davis said, "How could we not sign autographs for all these fans. Some of these kids drove from hundreds of miles away to meet us."

Source: Blabbermouth

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