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Headlines of the Last Heavy Metal News
SLAYER Finish Recording New Album; Mixing To Begin This Week + Tour dates June 2006 (29-04-2006/296)
WASP Announce 2006 U.S. Tour Dates With LIZZY BORDEN (25-04-2006/154)
OBITUARY West Coast Dates With DEAD TO FALL Announced (25-04-2006/75)
TRACII GUNS BAND Prepare To Hit The Road (20-04-2006/86)
SOULFLY More April 2006 Tour Dates Announced (20-04-2006/117)
SEVENDUST SOIL: More Tour Dates May 2006 Announced (18-04-2006/100)
DISTURBED More May 2006 North American Dates Announced (13-04-2006/90)
TESLA FRANK HANNON BAND Tour Dates Announced (06-04-2006/117)
MENTORS U.S. Tour Dates Announced (05-04-2006/59)
NEVERMORE More April 2006 Tour Dates Announced (29-03-2006/102)
SLAYER LAMB OF GOD, CHILDREN OF BODOM, MASTODON: More Tour Dates Announced (28-03-2006/222)
ANATHEMA Announce May 2006 Turkish Dates (23-03-2006/81)
ALL TIME HIGHS Featuring DEATH ANGEL Singer: New Dates Announced (22-03-2006/56)
MISERY SIGNALS Announce New Singer (22-03-2006/48)
GUNS N ROSES Budapest 2006 Show Announced (22-03-2006/190)
MORTIIS Schedule Norwegian 'Warm Up' April 2006 Dates (22-03-2006/66)
NINE INCH NAILS To Team Up With BAUHAUS For North American Tour (20-03-2006/94)
SOLITUDE AETURNUS Greek April 2006 Dates Announced (20-03-2006/52)
METALLICA 2006 Estonian Date Announced (20-03-2006/223)
DEBRIS INC. Announce European Dates April 2006 (15-03-2006/52)
HATE ETERNAL Rescheduled European Tour To Kick Off In May 2006 (15-03-2006/69)
PRO PAIN To Embark On European Tour In April 2006 (15-03-2006/69)
DISTURBED Rescheduled European Tour Dates With NEVERMORE Announced (14-03-2006/98)
PAUL DI ANNO Ex IRON MAIDEN Singer: New Solo Album Artwork Posted Online (13-03-2006/1013)
OZZFEST 2006 Tour Routing Revealed (13-03-2006/1225)
THE BLACK CROWES New Tour Dates Announced 2006 (13-03-2006/1014)
GILBY CLARKE Ex GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist To Play West Coast, Europe (13-03-2006/988)
TOOL North American Release Date For '10,000 Days' Announced + Tour Dates (13-03-2006/1044)
ENTOMBED To Release EP In June; Album To Follow In September + March 2006 tour (12-03-2006/1007)
DARKEST HOUR Mexican May 2006 Dates Announced (10-03-2006/1308)
GAMMA RAY More May 2006 European Festival Appearances Announced (10-03-2006/1072)
SADUS DARKANE, GORY BLISTER: April 2006 European Tour Dates Announced (10-03-2006/974)
SOULFLY More April 2006 U.S. Tour Dates Announced (09-03-2006/920)
IMPALED NAZARENE FirstAprin 2006 European Tour Dates Announced (09-03-2006/983)
CELTIC FROST More September 2006 North American Tour Dates Announced (07-03-2006/1427)
METALLICA Announce June 2006 Japanese Tour Dates (07-03-2006/1042)
HANOI ROCKS March 2006 More European Dates Announced (05-03-2006/1055)
QUEENSRYCHE U.S. Tour Dates Announced (04-03-2006/1731)
LINEA 77 To Support SOULFLY On European Tour (02-03-2006/939)
Y&T More Dates Announced (28-02-2006/910)
THE BLACK CROWES CHRIS And RICH ROBINSON Slated For First Ever Acoustic Shows (25-02-2006/955)
LIV KRISTINE May 2006 More Solo Tour Dates Announced (22-02-2006/1587)
NAKED BEGGARS CINDERELLA Side Project Announces More Tour Dates (22-02-2006/1411)
GOD FORBID Book Warm Up Shows For U.K./Ireland Tour (22-02-2006/936)
VICIOUS RUMORS More March 2006 European Dates Announced (22-02-2006/1005)
MINISTRY First European Tour Dates Announced (21-02-2006/1106)
SHINING April 2006 European Tour Dates Announced (21-02-2006/892)
MUSHROOMHEAD April 2006 U.S. Tour Dates Announced (21-02-2006/1029)
THE WILDHEARTS Frontman Schedules U.K. Dates (14-02-2006/927)
DIAMOND HEAD Italian Date Announced (12-02-2006/1007)
ASSASSIN More 2006 European Tour Dates Announced (12-02-2006/854)
GOD DETHRONED to Support SIX FEET UNDER On X MASS FESTIVALS European Tour (11-02-2006/919)
ORANGE GOBLIN U.K. Tour Dates Announced (11-02-2006/948)
JACKNIFE And DRYLINE To Team Up For Regional Tour (11-02-2006/933)
EXODUS April 2006 U.S. Tour Dates Announced (09-02-2006/1058)
THE SWORD U.S. 2006 Tour Announced (08-02-2006/1462)
DESTINY To Support Former BLACK SABBATH Singer In Sweden (08-02-2006/924)
SODOM 2006 European Tour Dates Announced (06-02-2006/1241)
ASSASSIN Schedule Dates With SODOM (02-02-2006/891)
BUCKCHERRY February 2006 More North American Tour Dates Announced (02-02-2006/1319)
WARRANT U.S. Dates Announced (31-01-2006/1491)
DEICIDE Announce Dates In South America, Florida 2006 (30-01-2006/1018)
LACUNA COIL New Album, Single Artwork Revealed (30-01-2006/1374)
THE 69 EYES To Team Up With WEDNESDAY 13 For U.S. Tour (29-01-2006/971)
GREEN CARNATION More North American Tour Dates Announced (26-01-2006/859)
CRIMSON MOONLIGHT To Embark On European Headlining Tour (23-01-2006/856)
CHILDREN OF BODOM More 2006 North American Tour Dates Announced (23-01-2006/1570)
EXODUS Schedule Dates In Korea, Thailand (23-01-2006/878)
GREEN CARNATION More North American Tour Dates Announced 2006 (20-01-2006/835)
MAGICA To Open For AFTER FOREVER And NIGHTMARE On European Tour (16-01-2006/881)
KROKUS To Tour Germany In May 2006 (14-01-2006/1005)
DIE KRUPPS 2006 January Tour Dates Announced (06-01-2006/1049)
CANNIBAL CORPSE April 2006 More European Tour Dates Announced (04-01-2006/1163)
CLUTCH Announce First Ever Tour Of Australia March 2006 (24-12-2005/890)
HYPOCRISY Mainman Is 'Looking Forward' To Touring With NILE (21-12-2005/975)
SWALLOW THE SUN December 2005 January 2006 European Tour Dates Announced (20-12-2005/871)
COCK AND BALL TORTURE Italian, Japanese Tour Dates Announced (19-12-2005/1932)
HELLOWEEN PRIMAL FEAR To Team Up For Japanese Tour (19-12-2005/975)
MOONSORROW Announce Montreal Date (30-11-2005/820)
AEROSMITH More January 2006 Tour Dates Announced (28-11-2005/1533)
BUCKCHERRY Sign With UNIVERSAL CANADA, Announce More West 2005 Coast Dates (27-11-2005/1314)
DORO European Dates Announced (27-11-2005/1622)
MOTLEY CRUE 2006 Tour Dates Announced (25-11-2005/1904)
PRONG More U.S. 2005:2006 Tour Dates Announced (21-11-2005/974)
KORN More U.S. Tour Dates Announced (21-11-2005/1731)
CHILDREN OF BODOM European Support Acts Announced (17-11-2005/1041)
INDEX CASE More Dates Added To Tour With AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE (17-11-2005/1376)
DRAGONFORCE To Support EDGUY In Europe (17-11-2005/898)
FEAR FACTORY Italian 2006 Dates Announced (17-11-2005/1048)
AS I LAY DYING NORMA JEAN, MADBALL, A LIFE ONCE LOST: U.S. Tour Dates Announced (17-11-2005/1174)
KATAKLYSM Announce Final Shows Of 2005 (17-11-2005/873)
BEATALLICA More U.S. Tour 2005 Dates Announced (17-11-2005/868)
BUCKCHERRY To Support MÖTLEY CRÜE On Japanese Tour (17-11-2005/1192)
ROB ZOMBIE Drummer To Embark On Drum Clinic Tour (16-11-2005/915)
UNION More European Tour Dates Announced 2005 (12-11-2005/886)
SOULFLY 2006 January More European Tour Dates Announced (12-11-2005/1689)
KORPIKLAANI New Tour Dates Announced (11-11-2005/894)
METHUSALEM To Support BLAZE On European Tour (11-11-2005/1422)
LIVING COLOUR Drummer Offers Reward For Return Of Camera (08-11-2005/1617)
BLOODSIMPLE To Open For DISTURBED On JÄGERMEISTER MUSIC TOUR's Second Leg + Tour Dates (07-11-2005/989)
DOKKEN 2005 More December Tour Dates Announced (07-11-2005/1574)
FURIA To Release New Album In January (05-11-2005/881)
TOMMY LEE Birthday Treat (05-11-2005/1293)
ROTTEN SOUND And SAYYADINA To Team Up For 'Grind Your Face Off' European Tour (05-11-2005/994)
UDO 2006 January February European Tour Dates Announced (05-11-2005/970)
DIO Guitarist DOUG ALDRICH Officially Rejoins (05-11-2005/1015)
FORLORN LEGACY Added To VITAL REMAINS' European Tour (04-11-2005/876)
EXHUMED Fall/Winter Tour Dates Announced (03-11-2005/947)
POWERMAN 5000 Final 2005 Tour Dates Announced (01-11-2005/871)
TONY MARTIN Former BLACK SABBATH Frontman Announces November 2005 Solo Tour Dates (30-10-2005/901)
A NEW REVOLUTION Announce November 2005 Live Dates (30-10-2005/1313)
KING'S X More October to December 2005 U.S. Tour Dates Announced (30-10-2005/821)
UNION European Tour Dates Announced (28-10-2005/826)
DIE KRUPPS 25th Anniversary Tour Lineup Revealed (28-10-2005/1024)
INTO ETERNITY Wrap Up Fourth 2005 North American Tour, Prepare To Hit The Road With OPETH (27-10-2005/959)
OPETH Reschedule San Francisco, Los Angeles Dates (25-10-2005/971)
SAXON Announce More '25th Anniversary Of NWOBHM' Tour Dates (25-10-2005/1019)
ELECTRIC WIZARD Australian Tour Dates Announced (25-10-2005/899)
BLAZE December 2005 European Tour Dates Announced (24-10-2005/834)
LIFE OF AGONY U.K. Version Of 'Broken Valley' To Include Bonus Track (14-10-2005/124)
DARK TRANQUILLITY CHIMAIRA, HATESPHERE: Final European Tour Dates Announced (13-10-2005/146)
GWAR More 20th Anniversary Tour Dates Announced (12-10-2005/212)
THUNDERSTONE To Team Up With CRYSTAL BALL For European Tour (12-10-2005/93)
NOCTURNAL RITES Swedish Nov. 2005 Tour Dates Announced (12-10-2005/105)
CLAWFINGER New Two Tour Dates Announced (10-10-2005/138)
MINISTRY More MASTERBATOUR 2006 Dates Announced (10-10-2005/142)
GLENN HUGHES In Writing Mode + Upcoming Shows October (09-10-2005/107)
BEHEMOTH Frontman Comments On HARVEST FESTIVALS Tour (08-10-2005/180)
DOOMFOXX To Support THE QUIREBOYS On European Tour (06-10-2005/109)
'Fall Brawl' Tour STAIND, P.O.D., TAPROOT Gear Up (06-10-2005/206)
UNDER THE UNDERGROUND TOUR First Dates Announced (06-10-2005/142)
OBITUARY And SAMAEL To Team Up For European Tour (06-10-2005/162)
MADBALL Cancel Two Dates, Resume Touring (06-10-2005/116)
AMORAL Finnish Dates Announced (04-10-2005/96)
BUCKETHEAD Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Announces Solo Tour Dates (03-10-2005/170)
SECRET SPHERE To Support ROYAL HUNT On European Tour (01-10-2005/112)
GRAVEWORM European Tour Dates Announced (01-10-2005/110)
MY RUIN More 'Double Shot Of Rock' Tour Dates Announced (30-09-2005/124)
GIZMACHI And DIECAST Added To ILL NINO Tour (30-09-2005/93)
FEAR FACTORY Announce Tour with SOILWORK, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and DARKANE (28-09-2005/184)
HIDDEN IN THE FOG To Utilize Session Members On European Tour (28-09-2005/108)
SOILWORK To Miss First Nine Shows Of FEAR FACTORY Tour (28-09-2005/125)
CATHEDRAL To Support CRADLE OF FILTH On U.K. Tour (28-09-2005/135)
FIREBALL MINISTRY INTO ETERNITY Added To OPETH's North American Tour (26-09-2005/92)
METAL INSURGENCE TOUR Schedules Hurricane Relief Concert (24-09-2005/118)
THE GREG LEON INVASION To Embark On Tour Of Hungary (24-09-2005/118)
TWISTED SISTER Frontman Jams With METAL SKOOL In Hollywood (24-09-2005/160)
DEEP PURPLE And ALICE COOPER To Team Up For German Tour (23-09-2005/153)
CHILDREN OF BODOM 'Are You Dead Yet?' To Receive U.S. Release In October + Tour Dates (23-09-2005/187)
FINNTROLL To Invade North America (20-09-2005/131)
DEF LEPPARD More Dates With BRYAN ADAMS Announced (20-09-2005/171)
NEVERMORE To Support OPETH On Second Half Of North American Tour (20-09-2005/114)
JUDAS PRIEST Russian, Baltic States Dates Announced (19-09-2005/198)
QUIET RIOT More Sep Tour Dates Announced (19-09-2005/152)
PRO PAIN European Tour Announced (17-09-2005/123)
ARCTURUS European Tour Dates Announced (17-09-2005/135)
ARCH ENEMY To Team Up With TRIVIUM For Japanese Tour (13-09-2005/172)
SONATA ARCTICA Finnish Headlining Tour 2005 Announced (13-09-2005/244)
GRAHAM BONNET U.K. Tour Announced (13-09-2005/140)
NAPALM DEATH South American Tour Dates Announced (10-09-2005/173)
SUFFOCATION North/South American Tour Dates Announced (10-09-2005/153)
ZEKE To Tour With NASHVILLE PUSSY: Dates Announced (10-09-2005/103)
QUIET RIOT New Sep. Tour Dates Announced (10-09-2005/108)
ANTHRAX To Support JUDAS PRIEST On North American Tour (09-09-2005/163)
HENRY ROLLINS To Embark On '25 Years Of Bulls**t' Tour (09-09-2005/109)
UNEARTH Announce Headlining Tour With THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN (09-09-2005/117)
THE HAUNTED GOD FORBID, MANNTIS: 2005 European Tour Dates Announced (08-09-2005/112)
PARAGON Part Ways With Drummer, Announce Temporary Replacement (07-09-2005/97)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY U.S. Headlining Tour Announced (07-09-2005/162)
RIGOR MORTIS Reunited To Embark On 'Reanimate' Tour (07-09-2005/123)
HIGH ON FIRE Announce U.S. Tour (06-09-2005/100)
MELDRUM To Support MOTORHEAD And CORROSION OF CONFORMITY In Scandinavia (05-09-2005/102)
MISFITS U.S. Fall 2005 Tour Announced (04-09-2005/169)
VITAL REMAINS NOMINON: European Tour Dates Announced (06-08-2005/152)
STAMPIN GROUND BIOMECHANICAL To Team Up For U.K. Tour (06-08-2005/94)
MADBALL To Embark On U.S. Headlining Tour (06-08-2005/121)
HIM FINCH, SKINDRED: U.S. Tour Dates Announced (06-08-2005/219)
KAMELOT New Tour Dates Announced (06-08-2005/167)
GUNS N' ROSES REVISITED: Asian Tour Dates Announced (05-08-2005/310)
KROKUS September U.S. Tour Dates Announced (05-08-2005/151)
NOCTURNAL RITES To Support GAMMA RAY On European Tour (05-08-2005/123)
PARAGON DARK AGE, TORMENT: European Tour Dates Announced (02-08-2005/105)
CHIMAIRA SIX FEET UNDER, ALL THAT REMAINS: U.S Tour Dates Announced (02-08-2005/163)
HATEBREED NAPALM DEATH, AGNOSTIC FRONT: First European Tour Dates Announced (01-08-2005/155)
RITUAL KILLER Live Dates Announced (28-07-2005/129)
LEAVES' EYES To Tour Germany With SUBWAY TO SALLY + Tour Dates (28-07-2005/118)
HIDDEN IN THE FOG To Support VITAL REMAINS On European Tour (27-07-2005/114)
BLACKEST OF THE BLACK DANZIG, CHIMAIRA, BEHEMOTH Tour Dates Announced (26-07-2005/170)
DISMEMBER To Tour Australia In October (25-07-2005/166)
STRYPER More U.S. November Tour Dates Announced (25-07-2005/209)
STRYPER Schedule More U.S. Tour Dates September (24-07-2005/179)
ACCEPT Two More Tour Dates Announced (23-07-2005/248)
SHEAVY Schedule DVD Premiere (21-07-2005/109)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY More September October U.K. Tour Dates Announced (21-07-2005/130)
ASESINO Debut Album Reissue To Include Bonus DVD + Tour Dates (21-07-2005/188)

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