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Headlines of the Last Heavy Metal News
ALICE COOPER Second 'Me, Alice' Audio Blog Available (03-11-2012/2709)
ONSLAUGHT Working On 'Heavier' And 'More Aggressive' New Album (03-11-2012/2555)
GEOFF TATE Says He Has Already 'Spent A Fortune' Taking QUEENSRŸCHE Bandmates To Court (02-11-2012/2539)
IRON MAIDEN Singer Talks About Starting A New Business (Video) (31-10-2012/2878)
MANOWAR Performs On German TV (Video) (31-10-2012/2421)
MEGADETH To Start Recording New Album Next Week (28-10-2012/2528)
IRON MAIDEN World's Biggest Collection Of Memorabilia Unveiled At Sweden's 'Rockmässan' (27-10-2012/2832)
VOIVOD 'Target Earth' Track Listing Revealed (27-10-2012/313)
DUFF MCKAGAN Video Footage Of Hollywood Spoken Word Appearance (19-10-2012/336)
ACCEPT New Video Interview With WOLF HOFFMANN (19-10-2012/333)
SEPULTURA Buenos Aires Concert Footage Available (19-10-2012/343)
MANOWAR Barcelona, Madrid Shows Canceled (13-10-2012/351)
DEATH ANGEL New Studio Blog Entry Available (13-04-2010/5643)
DOKKEN Audio Samples Of Entire 'Greatest Hits 2' Collection Available (11-04-2010/4124)
LABYRINTH Singer Dubbing Vocal Parts For Italian Version Of 'I'm In The Band' (11-04-2010/2915)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE More New Album Details Revealed (11-04-2010/2942)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Audio Samples Of Entire New Album Available (04-04-2010/2898)
FAITH NO MORE MIKE PATTON There's More Interest In FAITH NO MORE Now Than When We Were An Active Band (29-03-2010/2826)
SCORPIONS Frontman: 'Friendship Was The Foundation Of This Band' (29-03-2010/3143)
POISON Singer Talks Weather On THE WEATHER CHANNEL (18-03-2010/621)
LEATHERWOLF Frontman Schedules CD Release Show (18-03-2010/640)
LINKIN PARK Files Lawsuit Against Insurance Company (15-03-2010/549)
FOZZY Frontman: 'A Lot Of Bands Aren't Really Playing The Kind Of Music That We're Playing' (15-03-2010/688)
FORBIDDEN New Songtitles Revealed (15-03-2010/632)
DARK TRANQUILLITY Frontman Offers Track (13-03-2010/602)
TESLA Audio Samples Of Entire 'Alive In Europe!' Album Available (13-03-2010/772)
ALICE IN CHAINS Hits No.1 On Billboard Rock Chart (04-03-2010/695)
DEFTONES New Album Track Listing Unveiled (04-03-2010/542)
SABATON 'Coat Of Arms' Release Date Announced (03-03-2010/504)
TRIVIUM 'Shattering The Skies Above' Video Released (03-03-2010/589)
MEGADETH First Video Footage Of New Lineup Posted Online (03-03-2010/1154)
TRIVIUM Frontman: 'If We're Not Completely Honest In This, Then What's The Point?' (18-01-2010/842)
BLACK SABBATH TONY IOMMI Memoir Due This Year (18-01-2010/942)
SATYRICON Frontman Says He Owns Copy Of BURZUM EP With EURONYMOUS' Blood On It (07-01-2010/889)
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE New Video Interview With JOEL STROETZEL Posted Online (07-01-2010/1204)
OVERKILL To Film 'Bring Me The Night' Video (07-01-2010/808)
METALLICA Sold 52 Million Albums In U.S. Since 1991 (07-01-2010/856)
SLAYER Drummer Jamming At Rainbow Bar & Grill Tonight (06-01-2010/785)
BRET MICHAELS To Release New Solo Single Next Month (06-01-2010/655)
HIM Photos From 'Heartkiller' Video Shoot Available (06-01-2010/680)
HELLOWEEN New 'Dr. Stein' Video To Premiere On This Friday (04-01-2010/723)
HEAVEN & HELL Drummer 'Feeling Stronger Each Day' Following Shoulder Surgery (04-01-2010/500)
ANVIL Frontman: 'We're Struggling The Same As We Always Have' (31-12-2009/482)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Frontman Answers Fan Submitted Questions (31-12-2009/549)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Former Bassist Speaks (27-12-2009/625)
DEF LEPPARD Guitarist's MAN RAZE: Second 'Live From London' Clip Posted Online (27-12-2009/523)
MUDVAYNE Guitarist Talks About Making Of New Album (27-12-2009/533)
FEAR FACTORY Frontman Claims He Was 'F**ked Over' By Former Bandmates (27-12-2009/578)
MACHINE HEAD Guitarist PHIL DEMMEL: 'The Next Record Is Gonna Be Our Best Record' (27-12-2009/578)
ROB ZOMBIE Says Label Of 18 Years 'Just Wasn't Working' For Him Anymore (16-12-2009/518)
SLIPKNOT 'Snuff' Trailer Available (16-12-2009/831)
IRON FIRE To Record Song For VIRGIN STEELE Tribute Album (16-12-2009/569)
GODHATE New Album Artwork, Track Listing Revealed (16-12-2009/490)
FEAR FACTORY Quality 'Replica' Clip From São Paulo Available (15-12-2009/565)
FINNTROLL 'Nifelvind' Artwork Unveiled; New Song Posted Online (15-12-2009/614)
TRIVIUM Bassist Reveals More Details About 'God Of War' Contribution (15-12-2009/587)
JOE SATRIANI 'Live In Paris: I Just Wanna Rock' DVD Details Revealed (15-12-2009/641)
NEVERMORE Singer's Solo Performance To Include SANCTUARY Material (15-12-2009/521)
PARADISE LOST Frontman Interviewed In Vienna (13-12-2009/498)
SOULFLY More Footage From The Studio Posted Online (12-12-2009/463)
GAMMA RAY 'To The Metal' To Be Made Available In Four Versions (12-12-2009/582)
BIOHAZARD Frontman Interviewed By Holland's FACECULTURE (08-12-2009/518)
FASTER PUSSYCAT Touring Europe With ENUFF Z'NUFF (04-12-2009/579)
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Audio Samples Of Entire 'High Impact' Album Available (04-12-2009/745)
TWISTED SISTER Guitarist EDDIE OJEDA Recuperating From Emergency Back Surgery (04-12-2009/653)
VINCE NEIL 'Tattoos And Tequila Is Basically My Life' (04-12-2009/675)
KATATONIA Guitarist Discusses 'Night Is The New Day' Songwriting Process (28-11-2009/563)
UNLEASHED Begins Recording New Album (28-11-2009/471)
ALICE IN CHAINS Yahoo! Acoustic Performance, Interview Posted Online (25-11-2009/530)
DREAM THEATER 'Wither' Video Released (18-11-2009/532)
BURZUM To Release 'The White God' Album In The Spring (18-11-2009/618)
ALICE IN CHAINS Guitarist: 'All You Can Do Is What Makes You Happy & What You Believe Is Right' (17-11-2009/554)
VAN HALEN MICHAEL ANTHONY Says He Has 'No Relationship' With EDDIE VAN HALEN (14-11-2009/577)
DREAM THEATER 'Wither' Video To Debut Next Week (14-11-2009/539)
BLIND GUARDIAN Frontman Issues New Album Update (14-11-2009/568)
SOULFLY Working Album Title, Songtitles Revealed (14-11-2009/628)
BULLETBOYS Singer Arrested In Florida (14-11-2009/485)
DEVILDRIVER Films Footage For 'Another Night In London' Video (13-11-2009/466)
SACRIFICE 'The Ones I Condemn' To Receive European Release In January (13-11-2009/561)
SAXON 'Heavy Metal Thunder' Documentary Pushed Back To March (13-11-2009/593)
DARKTHRONE 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' Vinyl Reissue Due In December (13-11-2009/555)
RAGE Limited (11-11-2009/795)
HYPOCRISY 'A Taste Of Extreme Divinity' First Week Sales Revealed (11-11-2009/472)
DEVILDRIVER To 'Go Faster And Heavier' On Next Album (10-11-2009/483)
SLAYER More 'World Painted Blood' First Week Chart Positions Revealed (10-11-2009/486)
FEAR FACTORY 'Mechanize' To Receive European Release Via AFM RECORDS (09-11-2009/540)
SKINLAB Frontman Says New Album Is 'Selling Like S**t' (08-11-2009/647)
IRON MAIDEN Heading To Paris To Write New Material (07-11-2009/482)
POSSESSED Frontman Interviewed At Band's First San Francisco Performance In 25 Years (07-11-2009/547)
OZZY OSBOURNE 'Wreckage Of My Past' Documentary In PostProduction (07-11-2009/574)
MALEVOLENT CREATION Has A New Bassist (07-11-2009/467)
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN To Release 'High Impact' Compilation Album (07-11-2009/533)
SCOTT WEILAND 'I'm Not A Difficult Frontman At All' (06-11-2009/477)
BEHEMOTH 'Evangelion' Certified Gold In Poland (06-11-2009/477)
ZAKK WYLDE On His Replacement In OZZY's Band: GUS G. Is 'F**king Awesome' (06-11-2009/525)
GENE SIMMONS On Marketing And Branding (06-11-2009/599)
BLACK SABBATH BILL WARD On Surviving The Music Business (05-11-2009/451)
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Parts Ways With DIMARZIO (05-11-2009/525)
LITA FORD New Audio Interview Posted Online (05-11-2009/489)
SLIPKNOT Frontman Talks About New Solo Project; Video Available (04-11-2009/495)
ANTHRAX Drummer Discusses 'Among The Living' Deluxe Edition (04-11-2009/498)
KISS STANLEY, SIMMONS Discuss 35th Anniversary Of 'Alive!' (03-11-2009/469)
BLACK SABBATH TONY IOMMI 'Feeling Great' Following Stem Cell Treatment On Injured Hand (03-11-2009/602)
DEVILDRIVER Drummer Checks In From The Road (02-11-2009/496)
SLAYER DAVE LOMBARDO On 'World Painted Blood': 'I Am So Proud Of This Record' (02-11-2009/534)
NIGHTWISH Singer Shoots Down Album Title Rumors (30-10-2009/563)
ARSIS New Album Artwork Unveiled (30-10-2009/534)
OZZY OSBOURNE 'I Want To Give The Audience My Heart And Soul Every Night' (30-10-2009/478)
SLAYER Members Discuss 'Playing With Dolls' Track; Video Available (30-10-2009/496)
IMMOLATION Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online (30-10-2009/507)
ROB ZOMBIE Has Surprises Lined Up For New Tour (29-10-2009/500)
KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY: 'I'm Proud To Be In The Category Of Classic Rock Bands' (29-10-2009/603)
RAMMSTEIN Cracks U.S. Top 15 With 'Liebe Ist Für Alle Da' (28-10-2009/479)
GENE SIMMONS To Speak At Saskatoon Business Luncheon (28-10-2009/521)
SCORPIONS Guitarist Reopening 'MJ Guitars' Shop (28-10-2009/709)
RESURRECTED 'Fierce' Artwork Unveiled (27-10-2009/459)
KATATONIA Members Talk About 'Night Is The New Day'; Video Available (27-10-2009/547)
ROYAL HUNT Completes Vocal Tracks For New Album (26-10-2009/482)
RATT New Audio Interview With STEPHEN PEARCY, WARREN DEMARTINI Available (26-10-2009/460)
SLAYER KERRY KING Discusses 'Public Display' Track; Video Available (26-10-2009/460)
LORDI Preparing To Record New Album (25-10-2009/454)
METALLICA Adds $50,000 To Reward In Case Of Missing Virginia Tech Student (25-10-2009/598)
RESURRECTED 'Fierce' Track Listing Revealed (24-10-2009/452)
MASTODON Bassist Talks About Scoring 'Jonah Hex' Film (24-10-2009/585)
SLAYER Members Discuss 'Hate Worldwide' Track; Video Available (23-10-2009/502)
KISS Drummer ERIC SINGER On Growing Up Around Rock And Roll (23-10-2009/553)
METALLICA Fan's Parents Continue Clinging To Hope As They Search For Their Missing Daughter (22-10-2009/512)
JEFF SCOTT SOTO More 'One Night In Madrid' DVD Details Revealed (22-10-2009/561)
IMMORTAL New Video Interview Posted Online (21-10-2009/608)
MARDUK 'Wormwood' First Week Sales Revealed (21-10-2009/568)
SLAYER Members Discuss 'Beauty Through Order' Track; Video Available (21-10-2009/572)
AEROSMITH Plays First Show Since STEVEN TYLER's Injury; Video Available (20-10-2009/474)
METALLICA 'Francais Pour Une Nuit' DVD Details Revealed (20-10-2009/637)
BRET MICHAELS Spotted Selling Hamburgers On NYC Street (20-10-2009/513)
STRYPER 'Murder By Pride' Limited Picture LP Announced (20-10-2009/511)
SUICIDAL ANGELS 'Apokathilosis' Video Released (16-10-2009/478)
SUICIDAL ANGELS 'Apokathilosis' Video Released (16-10-2009/642)
MEGADETH Norwegian Journalist Says It Was DAVE MUSTAINE Who Started Talking About METALLICA (16-10-2009/714)
SENTENCED 'Complete Discography' To Be Released In Coffin Box Set (16-10-2009/612)
GOTTHARD 'Unconditional Faith' Video To Debut Today (16-10-2009/509)
SLAYER Talks About 'World Painted Blood' Title Track; Video Available (15-10-2009/691)
METALLICA DAVE MUSTAINE Why I Lost My Job With METALLICA (15-10-2009/573)
POWERMAN 5000 'Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere' First Week Sales Revealed (14-10-2009/580)
THE QUIREBOYS More 'Fancy' 20th Anniversary Reissue Details Revealed (14-10-2009/603)
KREATOR To Film New Video In Chile (14-10-2009/507)
SATYRICON New Video Interview With FROST Posted Online (13-10-2009/475)
SHADOW GALLERY 'Digital Ghosts' European Digipack Detailed (13-10-2009/511)
ALICE IN CHAINS To Release 'Your Decision' Single (12-10-2009/446)
OZZY OSBOURNE On BLACK SABBATH Reunion: 'I Never Say Never Anymore. Just Not Right Now.' (12-10-2009/496)
SATYRICON New Video Interview With SATYR Posted Online (11-10-2009/627)
METALLICA LARS ULRICH: 'I'm An Internet Whore' (10-10-2009/592)
SCORPIONS Frontman Part Of Campaign For Climate Justice (10-10-2009/497)
SLASH To Release 'Sahara' Single In Japan (10-10-2009/741)
MARTY FRIEDMAN 'Betcha Can't Play This' Video Lesson Part 3 Posted Online (09-10-2009/656)
SLAYER Limited Edition 'Hate Worldwide' Single To Be Released In U.K. (09-10-2009/532)
IMMORTAL 'All Shall Fall' Lands On German, Norwegian Charts (09-10-2009/574)
DEEP PURPLE To Release 'Space Truckin' Round The World Live' Album (08-10-2009/516)
NIGHTWISH To Release 'Lokikirja' Eight CD Box Set (08-10-2009/559)
GRAVE DIGGER Parts Ways With Guitarist MANNI SCHMIDT (08-10-2009/548)
METALLICA JAMES HETFIELD: DAVE MUSTAINE 'Is Not In This Band For A Reason' (08-10-2009/567)
KREATOR Frontman Checks In From The Road (07-10-2009/502)
ALICE IN CHAINS 'Black Gives Way To Blue' Cracks U.S. Top 5 (07-10-2009/481)
MUDVAYNE To Release New Album In December; First Track Posted Online (07-10-2009/482)
MUDVAYNE To Release New Album In December; First Track Posted Online (07-10-2009/472)
OZZY OSBOURNE Wrote His Autobiography With A Pencil, Says SHARON (07-10-2009/668)
EXODUS To Release 'Shovel Headed Tour Machine' 3 Disc Set In January (07-10-2009/542)
CANDLEMASS Bassist Issues Update (06-10-2009/455)
ROB ZOMBIE Says He'll Keep Making Music, But Probably Not CDs (06-10-2009/481)
ROB ZOMBIE Says He'll Keep Making Music, But Probably Not CDs (06-10-2009/461)
ARCH ENEMY 'The Root Of All Evil' Album Lands On German Chart (06-10-2009/530)
VOIVOD 'Tatsumaki: Voivod In Japan 2008' DVD Due In November (06-10-2009/507)
STEEL PANTHER Entire 'Feel The Steel' Album Available For Streaming (06-10-2009/471)
PAUL STANLEY Says KISS Is Bigger Than Its Members (05-10-2009/609)
SKINDRED Announces First Ever Tour Of India (05-10-2009/456)
OZZY OSBOURNE Video Report From London Book Signing Available (05-10-2009/586)
ALICE IN CHAINS New Album Lands On German Chart (05-10-2009/573)
KISS 'Sonic Boom' Track By Track Guide With STANLEY, THAYER; Video Available (02-10-2009/516)
ZAKK WYLDE 'Hellfire Halloween Bash'; More Details Revealed (02-10-2009/573)
MR. BIG New Video Interview, Performance Footage Available (30-09-2009/508)
MEGADETH MUSTAINE: 'I Wanna Write Great Songs. I Wanna Make Sure There's No Filler' (30-09-2009/843)
VADER 'Never Say My Name' Video Released (29-09-2009/489)
TRIVIUM Video Interview With PAOLO GREGOLETTO Posted Online (29-09-2009/454)
WITHIN TEMPTATION 'Utopia' Video Released (28-09-2009/511)
ARCH ENEMY ReRecorded Version Of 'Pilgrim' Available For Free Download (28-09-2009/1046)
DANGER DANGER 'Revolve' Lands On Swedish Chart (28-09-2009/507)
MOTORHEAD LEMMY: 'I Do Still Drink A Lot. About A Bottle Of Jack Daniel's A Day' (28-09-2009/483)
LIMP BIZKIT DURST Wife Split After Two Months (28-09-2009/466)
ALICE IN CHAINS Drummer Says Music Saved His Life... Twice (27-09-2009/501)
THE QUIREBOYS To Release New Acoustic Album; 'Fancy' 20th Anniversary Reissue Planned (27-09-2009/580)
MARILYN MANSON 'I Am Not Contagious. Just My Goddamn Music Is.' (26-09-2009/520)
OZZY OSBOURNE 'I Am Ozzy' Audiobook Release Date Confirmed (26-09-2009/593)
RAMMSTEIN Guitarist Discusses 'Pussy' Video (25-09-2009/517)
RAMMSTEIN Guitarist Discusses 'Pussy' Video (25-09-2009/604)
METALIUM Audio Samples Of Entire New Album Available (25-09-2009/573)
AEROSMITH JOE PERRY On Meeting MCCAIN And His Own Political Ambitions (25-09-2009/474)
SUSPERIA 'Character Flaw' Video Released (24-09-2009/512)
TRISTANIA Bassist Issues Update On New Album Songwriting Process (24-09-2009/481)
GOD DETHRONED 'Poison Fog' Video Available (24-09-2009/456)
AEROSMITH Guitarist Spotlighting Life Saving Research (24-09-2009/486)
NILE New Song Available For Streaming (24-09-2009/447)
ANVIL 'This Is Thirteen' First Week Sales Revealed (23-09-2009/1832)
RAMMSTEIN 'Liebe Ist Für Alle Da' U.S. Bonus Tracks Revealed (23-09-2009/545)
DREAM THEATER Drummer: 'It's Impossible To Please Everybody' (20-09-2009/602)
AEROSMITH PERRY Talks About TYLER's Tour Injury, Band's Current Status; Video Available (20-09-2009/491)
VELVET REVOLVER SLASH Thinks New MEGADETH Album Is 'Killer'; MUSTAINE Is 'Honored' (20-09-2009/488)
WITHIN TEMPTATION 'An Acoustic Night At The Theatre' Artwork, Track Listing Revealed (19-09-2009/536)
STRYPER Finds 'Peace Of Mind' (19-09-2009/512)
GODSMACK Frontman To Tie The Knot (19-09-2009/826)
MEGADETH Mainman Talks About Upcoming Autobiography; Video Available (15-09-2009/597)
JOE SATRIANI COLDPLAY Lawsuit, Case Dismissed (15-09-2009/524)
POWERMAN 5000 New Album Details Revealed (15-09-2009/465)
DORO New York City Footage Available (13-09-2009/546)
COURTNEY LOVE Attorney Slams ACTIVISION For Misuse Of COBAIN's Image (13-09-2009/484)
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM New Audio Interview Posted Online (12-09-2009/547)
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Bassist: KERRY KING 'Doesn't Get It' That You Can Smile On Stage (12-09-2009/549)
METALLICA JAMES HETFIELD: 'I'm Not The Most Social Guy You'll Meet' (11-09-2009/849)
GENE SIMMONS Says OBAMA's 'Health Care Plan Is A Complete Disaster' (11-09-2009/514)
PHILIP ANSELMO 'My Olive Branch Is Always Extended' To VINNIE PAUL (11-09-2009/489)
PHILIP ANSELMO 'My Olive Branch Is Always Extended' To VINNIE PAUL (11-09-2009/455)
MEGADETH 'Headcrusher' Video Available (11-09-2009/584)
ALCATRAZZ Parts Ways With Drummer, Announces Replacement (10-09-2009/458)
OZZY OSBOURNE SAMSUNG Commercial Pulled Over Allegations Of Chimpanzee Abuse (10-09-2009/509)
COURTNEY LOVE Blasts Use Of KURT COBAIN Image In 'Guitar Hero' (10-09-2009/734)
ENTHRONED Parts Ways With Guitarist, Drummer; Replacements Announced (08-09-2009/492)
BULLETBOYS Drummer Diagnosed With Severe Case Of Pneumonia (08-09-2009/488)
DARK TRANQUILLITY 'Where Death Is Most Alive' DVD Artwork, Trailer Available (08-09-2009/776)
RAMMSTEIN 'Pussy' Single Artwork Unveiled (08-09-2009/579)
AXXIS 'Utopia' Lands On German Chart (08-09-2009/452)
ROB ZOMBIE Looking Forward To Touring Again (08-09-2009/485)
PARADISE LOST 'Faith Divides Us : Death Unites Us' Video Available (07-09-2009/459)
MOTORHEAD LEMMY Talks MICHAEL JACKSON, Illegal Music Downloading, Politics (07-09-2009/805)
EUROPE 'New Love In Town' Video Released (06-09-2009/511)
SLAYER KERRY KING: 'I Just Don't Have Any Respect For DAVE MUSTAINE' (06-09-2009/950)
IN FLAMES Bassist On Guitarist STRÖMBLAD: 'He Really Needs To Deal With His Problems' (06-09-2009/520)
SOIL New Single Available For Streaming (04-09-2009/568)
PESTILENCE Mainman Begins Work On New Material (04-09-2009/536)
HATEBREED 'In Ashes They Shall Reap' Video Released (04-09-2009/550)
SHADOWS FALL On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'; Video Available (04-09-2009/672)
ARCH ENEMY 'The Root Of All Evil' Limited Edition Details Revealed (03-09-2009/559)
DOWN Bassist REX BROWN Diagnosed With Acute Pancreatitis (03-09-2009/493)
STRYPER Guitarist Interviewed By THE MUSICIAN'S VOICE (02-09-2009/491)
SLAYER 'World Painted Blood' To Be Released In November (02-09-2009/540)
KREATOR Drummer Forced To Sit Out Shows; Temporary Replacement Announced (02-09-2009/514)
KREATOR Drummer Forced To Sit Out Shows; Temporary Replacement Announced (02-09-2009/474)
LOUDNESS Performs Entire 'Thunder In The East' Album In Japan; Setlist Revealed (02-09-2009/635)
RAMMSTEIN To Release 'Pussy' Single (01-09-2009/492)
DARK FUNERAL New Album Title Announced (31-08-2009/515)
GRAVE To Begin Writing New Album In The Fall (31-08-2009/445)
SKINDRED 'Stand For Something' Video Teaser Available (30-08-2009/460)
KISS New Commercial For Upcoming Album, Tour Posted Online (29-08-2009/506)
SONATA ARCTICA 'Flag In The Ground' Video Released (28-08-2009/504)
SLAYER Drummer On Musical Influences, 'World Painted Blood' (28-08-2009/507)
RUSH 'Middle Class: Dreaming In Middletown' Book Due In October (28-08-2009/528)
IRON MAIDEN Guitarist ADRIAN SMITH: 'I Used To Take Worms On Tour' (25-08-2009/572)
OZZY OSBOURNE On BLIZZCON Performance: 'It Was Even Better Than Some Gigs I've Done' (25-08-2009/491)
AEROSMITH Frontman: 'I Respect The Power This Band Has' (25-08-2009/480)
ASPERA To Support TARJA TURUNEN In Spain, Switzerland (24-08-2009/501)
SLAYER LOMBARDO: 'We Feel Very Much On Top Of Our Game, We Feel Almost Unstoppable' (24-08-2009/561)
SLIPKNOT Cancels All Remaining Dates In August/September (24-08-2009/483)
LINKIN PARK Frontman Talks To MTV About DEAD BY SUNRISE (23-08-2009/470)
ALICE COOPER Comments On Finnish Concert Ban (21-08-2009/522)
CRADLE OF FILTH Frontman's 'The Gospel Of Filth'; More Details Revealed (21-08-2009/871)
SLAYER 'World Painted Blood' Track Listing Revealed; First Track By Track Review Available (20-08-2009/503)
RAMMSTEIN Track By Track Guide To New Album (20-08-2009/501)
GENE SIMMONS In 'Extract' Movie; Trailer, Photos Available (20-08-2009/554)
DEF LEPPARD Frontman: 'I'd Much Rather Be KEITH RICHARDS Than TONY BLAIR' (20-08-2009/519)
ALICE COOPER To Enter Studio In Early 2010 (07-08-2009/755)
SKINLAB Parts Ways With Guitarist GLEN TELFORD... Again (07-08-2009/538)
TRISTANIA Footage Of Romanian Press Conference, New Song Performance Available (07-08-2009/556)
ALICE IN CHAINS New Album Track Listing Revealed (06-08-2009/519)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Frontman Says New Album Will Be More 'Classic' Sounding (06-08-2009/540)
PRIMORDIAL Frontman Issues Update (06-08-2009/584)
AEROSMITH Singer's Fall From The Stage: The Video! (06-08-2009/550)
IMMORTAL 'All Shall Fall' Limited Edition Formats Detailed (05-08-2009/530)
NOCTURNAL FEAR Completes Work On 'Metal Of Honor' (05-08-2009/675)
LAST CRACK To Reunite For 20 (05-08-2009/473)
MACHINE HEAD Frontman Says LIMP BIZKIT's DJ LETHAL Is Acting Like 'An Internet Tough Guy' (03-08-2009/515)
LAMB OF GOD Guitarist: F**k LIMP BIZKIT! (03-08-2009/584)
BEHEMOTH Entire New Album Available For Streaming (31-07-2009/487)
CRADLE OF FILTH 'The Death Of Love' Video Released (31-07-2009/495)
CRADLE OF FILTH 'The Death Of Love' Video Released (31-07-2009/485)
KATATONIA 'Night Is The New Day' Artwork Preview Available (31-07-2009/469)
PARADISE LOST 'Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us' Track Listing Revealed (29-07-2009/524)
BEHEMOTH 'Ov Fire And The Void' Video Trailer Released (29-07-2009/572)
ROYAL HUNT Completes Keyboard Tracks For New Album (28-07-2009/676)
SLAYER KING Says He Is 'Offended' By The 'Silliness' Of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Live Show (28-07-2009/537)
METALLICA Frontman: 'There's Always Gonna Be Darkness' (28-07-2009/468)
PARADISE LOST New Album Artwork Unveiled; Title Track Posted Online (27-07-2009/708)
ARCH ENEMY 'The Root Of All Evil' Artwork Revealed (27-07-2009/452)
DISMEMBER To Release 'Under Bloodred Skies' DVD Next Week (25-07-2009/503)
UFO Guitarist Interviewed By ROAD CREW MAGAZINE; Audio Available (25-07-2009/503)
ETERNAL GRAY New Video Footage Of Guitarist DORY BAROR Posted Online (25-07-2009/492)
HANOI ROCKS Guitarist Gets Wooden Statue (22-07-2009/845)
SHADOWS FALL Answers Fan Submitted Questions (22-07-2009/492)
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ANTHRAX Singer Too 'Ill' To Tour, Well Enough To 'Twitter' (19-07-2009/588)
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NIGHTWISH Singer On Narrow Mindedness In Music (17-07-2009/500)
THE 69 EYES 'Dead Girls Are Easy' Video To Debut Tomorrow (16-07-2009/524)
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TRENT REZNOR Says GENE SIMMONS Is 'An Old Man Who Puts On Makeup To Entertain Kids' (14-07-2009/504)
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SCORPIONS Guitarist To Release Autobiography (11-07-2009/498)
AEROSMITH Tampa Show Canceled (11-07-2009/476)
MEGADETH Launches 'Megaman Radio' (11-07-2009/565)
DOWN Audio Interview With KIRK WINDSTEIN Available (10-07-2009/508)
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MICHAEL MONROE Talks About HANOI ROCKS Split, Upcoming Solo Project (05-07-2009/543)
BRET MICHAELS On TONY AWARDS Incident: 'I Wish It Would Have Never Happened' (05-07-2009/661)
BRET MICHAELS On TONY AWARDS Incident: 'I Wish It Would Have Never Happened' (05-07-2009/477)
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SOILWORK Former Drummer Arrested For Carrying Hunting Knife In Public Place (19-05-2009/521)
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METALLICA Drummer Talks Torture (30-04-2009/628)
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DORO Joins Champion Racer For DTM Masters Season Opening; Video Available (28-04-2009/605)
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MASTODON Part One Of New Video Interview Available (23-04-2009/515)
VELVET REVOLVER Singer Search Is Not Over (22-04-2009/581)
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METAL CHURCH Singer Covers IRON MAIDEN In Puerto Rico; Video Available (21-04-2009/579)
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